Open Knowledgebase

The CUFTS knowledgebase is at the heart of the reSearcher's A-Z database list, link resolving, and A-Z journal list, providing accurate information about your library's electronic collection. It currently contains over 475 resources.

Centrally managed at the Simon Fraser University Library for quality assurance, we invite others using CUFTS or their own link resolvers to make use of this information, and to participate in contributing titles to an existing CUFTS title list or add their own title lists, which will be openly shared with everyone.

For those interested in contributing a title list, we do require that it be built following the KBART guidelines. A sample spreadsheet is available here.

Members of the CUFTS community have formed the CUFTS Free! Collections group to search for open access titles and contribute those back for everyone to benefit from. Please consider joining this group or forming your own. The more people become involved with building the open knowledgebase, the better it will be for all!

If you'd like to download a copy of the CUFTS Open Knowledgebase, would like to add a title list, or find out more, just let us know.